Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Backlot Studio Volunteer------silly me!

Well, if you have ever been, then you know this story! I volunteered to be a part of their "special effects crew".

Yes, that's right! Scott had the camera, and off I went to get my "costume" on. It was a wet suit!

They casted me as the mechanic!

She told me all I had to do was talk on the phone, and don't look to the left.

So, on cue, I picked up the phone.....and did NOT look to the left.

Then, they signaled the water....and here it came! LIKE A FLOOD! LOOK AT ALL OF THAT WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got soaked! Hilarious!

It was so great!!!!

****And, then, here's the video of the screen with it all put together!


Anonymous said...

The BEST ever!!!!!!! I love it!!

Talking on the phone?? No typecasting involved there at all, huh?

Pics are so cute! How much fun was that!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

Oh gosh - that looks like a blast! We've never done the backlot tour - it's on the list for the next trip!

Adrienne said...

We LOVED the backlot tour!! It was awesome! HEYYYY B!!! LOL

lucysinspired said...

I lOVE it! You were great! HILarious!

Tina said...


Tina said...

That is HILARIOUS! I love it!

Cilla said...

Lordy, that cracked me up!

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