Saturday, October 3, 2009

My perfect friend!

Now, don't get me wrong, she is NOT a perfect I am not trying to be ridiculous here, know.....when you think about it, you have tons of "friends" and then lots of "good friends" (you know, the ones you WOULD spend a day at the mall with), and then just a few "I mean...real friends" (you know, the ones you would call immediately if you were in an accident, or the ones you call first when you have the best news in the world......)

Well, my Susie is one of those! And, I loved this kit....and just piecing a bunch of random together! And....most of all, I am glad to have this layout...on paper!

**and, by the way, this is me....still playing with my August Scripts kit because I crazy can't remember to get the September one from Lucy** Maybe next week!


Lisa said...

super cute layout! those are the best kinds of friends to have!!

Anonymous said...

Aw!!! How sweet is know just how to make a girl's day!!!

And what a cute layout!!!

BTW, why haven't I seen that top pic? I look like I'm naked under that towel....LOL!!!!

Love you, B!!!

Eriki said...

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