Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Yeah, to the world, it is the celebration of National Pancake Day!!!

We usually celebrate (mostly because we just love an excuse to eat LOTS of pancakes!) Sometimes we go to IHOP, last year we celebrated with The Bailey's (and I am so glad we did, because they have moved now!), and this year...fun times!

It started off with a morning at the school, treating the teachers to a much-deserved-warm-pancake-breakfast!

Then, tonight, thanks to my friend Lucy for a fabulous idea......we made Rainbow pancakes!

Now, think back to THIS POST, with the rainbow cake.....well, we turned this same concept into pancakes!

Started off by making individual bowls of pancake batter.... and adding a splash of color to each.

Put those beauties on the griddle....

*and, I must admit, the yellows had chocolate chips! I had to do it. We LURVE chocolate chip pancakes!

But, here they are, all cooked up!

And, then the stacking begins....

Oh, they were yummy!

Even the 14-year-old was fascinated by them. He said "mom, you know this is cool, don't you". Oh, what I would not trade for these days!!! Not a pancake-flippin' thing!

Now, let me go have some salt or something.....to offset all this sugar!!!

Happy National Pancake Day to ya!

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Look at all the colors in the pancakes! Everyone had a great time.... following friday!!

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