Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Graduation Cupcakes, anyone?

Yeah, I made these.

(insert brag and pat-on-the-back)

Ok, well, what I did was I made the cupcakes (and although you can't tell, those are cute little graduation cupcake papers)

And then Scott's super fabulous Aunt Gail iced them for me, with her magic touch!

She even added a little Icing Glitter to them. So cute!

So, how did I make the toppers?

So very easy:

Making the photo topper:
I used Avery Design Pro, and I designed a "round label" (I inserted the image, and scaled it to fit the label. And that was it. That easy!)

Then I printed it on cardstock (not the label paper)

Making the colored backing:
Then...I used one of my MANY scrapbooking punches (thank goodness I am a hoarder)

I cut it with a circle punch. You can use anyone, but this one works good.

Next, I cut larger punches with his school colors (black and gold)

I use this one in the Scallop.

We were having fondue at the party, so I took some of the long skewers and broke them in half, and used them for the sticks (you couldn't see the rough edges because they were sandwiched into the toppers)

But, you could be proper and use real sticks (like the ones for cake pops)

Put them together:
And so I put the colored paper, then glued the stick. Then glued the picture on top of that!

Ta da!
So cute!

1 comment:

Karen Seal said...

Too cute! Love the creativity! They almost look/sound too delicious to eat! :0)

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