Monday, March 3, 2014

Old Navy Activewear?! my running/workout attire, I have typically been somewhat a snob.

Now, that usually varies with what I am doing (casual running, marathon training, etc)

But, I typically am a Nike girl, and then, well...and then I discovered LuLulemon.

So, I have pretty much stuck with that until last weekend.

I was out doing a little "retail therapy" and I wandered into Old Navy, and they had some cute, bright colors in their activewear line.

So, I mosied on over, and started browsing. Hey, this stuff is super duper cute.

Wait. Hold up.

It's only $10!
Hello, it was on sale, and yet,did I fill my arms with a few new items :)

And wow! I am glad I did.

Who knew that I would be attempting this race with a very swollen belly, just 5 days post-op (gallbladder removal)

So, this bubble top was MUCHO FABULOUSO!! (ok, I don't speak spanish, but you get what I mean!)

And these compression capri pants.
Yes, they are tight, and they fit perfect, in all of the right spots!

And  yes, that's right.
Even the sports bra! It was old Navy too. Mostly because I just didn't have a white one, already in my stash, so I grabbed it.

Nope, this is not a sponsored post. And no, Old Navy didn't give me any props for pimping them out today.

I'm just sayin....if you are looking for a good line of active wear, and very easy on the budget... give this line a chance!

I love it!
(infact, I love it so much, I came home and ordered a few more pieces...hoping they arrive today!)


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