Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The pile of junk

See that pile. 

See that pile of clothes right there. 
No wait. It's jeans, shoes, and extension cord, and a tote bag. 

It greeted me in my bedroom tonight. Just where I left it. 

My small group same over tonight. 
And we shared, laughed, cried, and solved all of life's problems. 
Well, for the moment, anyways. 

And I realized when they left, this pile of junk was plainly visible to anyone that walked by my room. 

But you know what. They don't care. They don't judge. 
They love the real me. 

In our conversation tonight, one of the girls said, in speaking of her life where it sits today...
"But people are gonna judge, and they don't know the real story"

And I wish I had said to her:

Oh but, they are going to do that anyways. 
Your only hope is in Jesus, and your joy for the day is in the ones that love you. 
The ones that love the real, true, sometimes broken you. 

And those talking, they will have a new topic of conversation tomorrow. 

So just like that pile of junk on the floor in my room...move along. Nothing to see here. 

1 comment:

Unknown said...

And BTW...your house is my favorite of all my friends to visit...its home!

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