Friday, July 4, 2014

Wasting away...

Things are moving along. And no progress has been made. 

Well, some. But it's in the wrong direction. 

The CT scan/Angiogram with Contrast showed no blockage in the mesenteric artery. That's a good thing-long term. But it still doesn't show what's up. 

An intense battle with chest pains landed me in the ER this week. 
I knew it wouldn't be fruitful. 
But. The chest pains were scary. They've never been that harsh before. 

So EKG, liver panel, chest X-ray. All showed no signs of cardiac distress. 

Good thing. 
Out the door I went. 

So--back for a consult yesterday and Dr Combs says "so, you've lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks? 
I'm a little concerned with your nutrition"

Really?! Thanks doc! 

So. I've upped my Core Power protein to 2xday. 

And maybe I can keep the pounds on. Until further notice. 

ERCP schedule for Thursday July 10th. 
It's a shot in the dark. Pancreatic Divisum is the hunt. 

We shall see. 

Happy 4th of a July y'all. 

I'll have a double shot of vanilla :)

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