Thursday, July 31, 2014

How do you brave your pain?

My friend Jennifer shared this blog with me, and it has taken a hold of my heart.

Her post today, just broke me.

I have been speaking with my friend Christen today, about decisions, and future, and questions, and reality.
And about God's will.

And why He chooses to heal some, and not others.

And, I have a funeral to attend Saturday, of a sweet 7-year-old, that God chose to bring Home early. He just couldn't win the battle of cancer. And that's NOT fair.

So, then, I finally take the time this afternoon to read this post "Tears in my popcorn"

and honestly, I think if I had read it this morning, or read it yesterday, maybe it would not have had the same effect.

But it got me.

First the phrase "but if I do fly away"

I am not sure why, but it jumped off of the page at me.
And it came out so strong.

But if I do.
Oh, such strong words for a mother to have to yield to her daughter.

And then she poses this question:
"How do you brave your pain? How do you struggle to live near to your pain honestly? Does living well mean faking at happiness when you are inwardly breaking? What would sharing your pain look like? Do you feel the pressure of hiding how you are feeling? How can you live honestly today? How can you let the tears fall in your popcorn?"

Just letting that sink in.

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