Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Our final journey

And so it begins....

Tomorrow, he begins our final journey thru the halls of Pell City High School.

It's a very surreal feeling, to take this photo.
As I can almost envision the same shot, 3 years from now, as he begins the final year.

It's a little hard on the heart, if I am being honest.

This kid.....

my sweet little cutie faced child.
I could eat his cheeks with a spoon.

Still today I could.
I love this kid more than words.

I love his "colorful" personality. I love that he not only marches to his own drum, he's on the drumline of that choir by himself.

He's never been a kid of favorites or cliques, per se.

He's not always on the invite list, and he's way cool with that. Quick to dismiss why it's best he wasn't invited.

He's a hugger. Man oh man is he a hugger.
He's just a tender heart.

When I think of him growing up and leaving "the nest" my heart aches. Literally, the lump in the throat.
He's my "sing at the top of our lungs in the car" kid. He's my "cut-up in the grocery store" kid. He's my "mom, I'm sorry you don't feel so great" kid.

He towers over me these days, and he leans down to hug me.
I love that.

I could go on and on!

It's bittersweet, as I send him off, to the cruel world that High School can be.
But I know that he's pretty strong in and of himself, and his faith, and who he is.

Much more than I could say at his age.

So, here we go! I'm holding on tight...I know this one might just be a bumpy, colorful, spirit-filled ride!

And I can't wait to enjoy every second!!!

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