Saturday, October 11, 2014

A blogpost about boobies!

The truth is, it's been a long week. 
Hubby working out of town, Chappy full of activities, and just life in general. 

Chap had a friend over to spend the night, Charming rolled in late, and we tucked in for the night shortly after. 

My alarm clock buzzed at 7am. And I was still sleepy. It was raining just a little, and the skies were extra cloudy. 

So I hit the snooze. 

It went off again, and I looked at Scott and said "to run or not to run"----he grumbled "you'll be glad you did. Go do it, mom"

So I stayed just another minute, and almost rolled back into my warm, comfy spot, and then I thought 

"There's probably a mother, daughter, sister out there that only *wishes* she could get outta bed this morning"

One in 7 women diagnosed with breast cancer. 
My mom. Nope. 
Sister. Nope. 
Grandmother. Nope. 
Aunt. Nope. 
Cousin. Nope. 
Best friend. Nope. 
My odds aren't good here. 

So I got up. 
And Raced for the Cure. 
With 12,000 people that got outta bed this morning. 
For something bigger than themselves. 

I'm glad I did. 
It's a race that I run each year. 
And every year, I'm so glad I went. 

It's powerful, in and of itself. 

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