Thursday, October 9, 2014

Kara's letter to Brittany- but more than that....

Simply incredible.
Her letter to Brittany (choosing to end her own terminal life)
(read it here, it's powerful. It's worth your time.)

(Screenshot from Kara's blog)

I really should share her blogpost, EVERY single day.
Or you should just go subscribe to it.
It's something that I stop, and read, in a quiet moment, whenever I find that moment.
I don't delete it from my inbox until I've read it. Everyday.

Her words are powerful.
Her end is near.
And her love for Jesus is so strong, I want it.

Today, this:
"But God is the keeper and protector of my reputation. This a conversation that is important. The grace will be present for us to walk into this hard conversation."

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