Friday, August 19, 2016

Pressing thru walls

Tonight I lay my head down. 

It's been a rough 7 days. 
-I can't compare myself to someone battling cancer, or someone who has lost everything they own in the Louisiana floodings, but keeping it all relative, it's been a rough week. 

I'm thankful for my sweet friends that have prayed me thru, fed my people, spoke words of life into me every single day and filled in the gaps. I'm thankful for my mother that answered endless upon endless questions, even after working 12's herself. 
Where my heart is full, my flesh is weak. 
God has revealed a journey of healing for my body. It's an amazing story. will be!!! It's gonna kinda suck for a little while...And it's not lovely, but I know "the path that I take, and when He is finished with me I will be pure as Gold". 
His word tells me so. 

As shocking as it seems...I'm a pretty private person. I'm thankful for my friends that have pressed thru walls this week. I needed you. And I would've never asked. (I hate that about myself).  But You showed up. Thank you. ❤️❤️ 

And I wasn't going to share, but God kept driving home this verse tonight. So I'll go ahead and share, so I can finally sleep :) 
His plan is ALWAYS PERFECT. 
His timing is ALWAYS PERFECT. 
It's taken me 3 years. <I'm a stubborn subject>

"And even if He does not....He is still a good God." Daniel 3:18 

I just wanna go to prayer tomorrow. That is all. #BabySteps


Unknown said...

B, I'm not sure what's going on, but I AM sure that I love you (you already knew, but still...) and that I am praying for you this beautiful early Saturday morning. I want to do something, but what? I'll just pray and obey! Look this up: Zephaniah 3:17--yep, Zephaniah! He is singing over you today. If it's either Him or me, He's the better choice!!!

CWansart3 said...

I love you so big!!! I Pray & think of you daily. If you ever just want some company I'm free 8-3!!!! I can never thank you enough for the amazing Impact you & Scott had in my life!!!!

Jen W.

Gia said...

B, you are in my heart this early Sunday morning ❤️❣ You are a brave, strong,beautiful, kind, giving, loving woman with a heart of gold. God loves you and hears you❣ I pray that your days ahead are filled with joy , love and healing. You are in my prayers sweet friend and I'm here for you .
Love & Hugs ,
Jenny DuBose

Just call me "B" said...

Love you bunches Jen!!!

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