Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cocoa and Canvas

Well, for Chappy's 9th birthday, I was feeling a little adventurous......or maybe just a little crazy!

But, I tell you, Sips n Strokes ain't got nothing on us!

Check out these little cuties!

17 Santa Bellies! I love it!

We had a blast. The kids were GREAT! The paintings are precious!

And, again, I am thankful for my studio!


Creating Memories said...

How cute are they!!
You did this in your home?

Gretchen said...

shut up! your studio looks like a friggin' classroom. when is your next crop?? i am coming! glad it went well!

gimmegodiva said...

So cute!!!! I may have to copy you come Feb.! Holden's B-day is on the 20th. And March- Hannah's is on the 13th. I will credit you for the idea!
And I am with Gretchen.... When is the next crop??!!!

Anonymous said...

wow those canvases are cute.
and what a studio... i'm turning a little green right now...

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