Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Santa Shop time again!

So, I have the most fun in the Santa Shop at Chapman's school! I spend all year, buying stuff, finding little deals and treasures, and then, when it gets here, we set it all up,and they come.......boy do they come! Tons of them, millions of little people with their cash and their list.

Side note: Why in the world would a mother send their K-5 child to school with $25 cash! Are you crazy!

So, they shop, we wrap......and wrap........and wrap!

Here are just a few funny tidbits from my first 2 days this year:
Me: So, do you need a gift for mom? Or grandma?
Kid: No, grandma died and I don't have a mom.

(Quick note to self: SHUT YOUR MOUTH)
Me: Oh, who is this cute dog bowl for.
Kid: My mom, she loves dog bowls.
Me: Who is the little journal for?
Kid: My dog.
Me: Your dog? The notebook is for your dog?
Kid: Yes, I am gonna draw his picture in it!
Me: Do you want me to wrap this ponytail holder?
Kid: No
Me: What about the pencils?
Kid: No
Me: What about the mirror?
Kid: No
Me: Do you want me to wrap any of it?
Kid: No, it's all for me. I like to shop!
Me: Ok, that will be $9
Kid: Do you take credit?
Me: Now, you need to remember to get a gift for mom.
Kid: Oh, I will get her this, she can put her beer in it.
Geez, I love a kid!


Virginia said...

I am with the little one that "just likes to shop!" LOL

Those are adorable! I hope you share more with us at the end of the week!

Amy said...

I love it! I worked the wrapping station this year for the first time and it was quite an experience!! Fun time, for sure! :)

Lisa said...

How cute!! I worked yesterday in ours and am going back today. They are funny!! I had a little boy buy a can coozie for his elf!! He was so sweet about it. I love the 'just likes to shop' too - I had a few girls that I asked if they needed help and they said 'no, I'm just looking for now'

So fun!!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love those kids!!! I was painting fingers yesterday for Emma's class of kindergarteners. Cute little Santa beards made out of their fingers......anyway, this little boy held out his hand for me to paint his hand white. I told him it might tickle a little. He said, "No, only the red paint tickles me." Ha!!

gimmegodiva said...

Too funny

Katie Burnett said...

that is freaking hilarious. So she can put her beer in it!!!!!!!

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