Friday, December 4, 2009

Amazing what some glitter Thickers can do for a girl!

Sometimes, when life gets a little crazy.....I just go up into my studio.....and sit right down in the middle of the mess (from the last time I was up there, ontop of the last time, etc) and I just make something.


Sometimes it is a card, sometimes, a crafty gift.....but, yesterday, on such this crazy-out-of-control kind of day....I went up.....and these 2 pics were sitting there, just glaring at me.

The colors are not really meshing with me, and there really is just a lot going on here, but I just felt like that kind of went with the theme of my day/desk/life! so.....I grabbed some hambly, added a some glitter Thickers, and then those Making Memories tiny glitter alphas! I love those!!! And, yes, I love this layout. It's wildly busy, and I like it.

It is now hanging in my kitchen....and the guys thought it was GREAT! They make me laugh..Scott says "ooooh, Jasmine was a hottie" and then Mason says "mom, did you REALLY scrapbook these pictures?"

Good times. And, I felt better!


lucysinspired said...

That is adorable! I love the title and that side grin of Mason's is priceless!

Gretchen said...

i love it!

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