Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Let them eat Cake!

Just an ordinary Cake Taker...I know! (from the dreaded WM)

Well, we are in the midst of BABY-AND-WEDDING-SHOWER-ME-TO-DEATH mode, and remember me...I don't have a job! But, I do love all of these people, and I don't want to do "nothing" for them, but I can't break the I thought I would put all of my craft-hoarding to good use!

So, out came the Slice...yes, the Making Memories Slice...and the vinyl! For this particular project, I used Black and White...and the new Sock Hop Design Card...yummy! I love cute fonts!

So, I gathered all of my supplies and got busy. First, I chose the letter...of the young brides new Last Name! Yeah! I remember how excited I was when I was FINALLY Mrs. Smith!

Then, after I cut the "M", I cut out some circles, 2 inch, 2 1/2 inch, and 3 inch, in both colors. And, started applying!

Oh, I love how this turned out! All of this for only $6! And you can bet...this will NOT be the last one I make!!


Virginia said...

Cute cute cute cute!!!!

Lisa said...

that is such a great idea!! i think i'll have to do one of these in the future!!

Kat @My Tots Exactly said...

Ooh love how that turned out!

New follower from Follow Me Fridays! Wishing you and your family a great weekend!

~~ Kat (Momsy Katsy) ~~
My Tots Exactly!
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Turning the Clock Back said...

Hello there! Just stopped by to check out the blog. Found you through the Follow Me Friday blog hop. Come check out my blog if you get the chance! Have a great weekend!


Ott, A. said...

Hey, I found your blog on TT-Follow Me Friday. I have that exact same cake carrier (actually I have 4 of them, with all the wedding gifts we received) and I must say your idea to "cuten" it up it great!!! I just got done with 3 weddings in our family (you can read about the 3 weddings in 20 months on my blog) and I wish I had this tip prior to then. But I still am going to do this. So glad to be your newest follower!!!

Carol said...

Love this!
I'm a new follower from Follow Me Friday. Come visit me, too!
Happy Weekend!

furygirl3132 said...

That is such a wonderful idea, thanks for sharing! I am a new follower from Follow Me Friday, so glad to have found your great blog. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Julee said...

I LOVE this! What a great transformation!
I'm your newest follower--follower #133--from the Trendy Treehouse and New Friend Friday Follows!

Deana said...

Hey! I'm following you from Follow Me Friday:)

Hope you have a great Friday!

Sara said...

Found you on Follow Me Friday!

I LOVE this! I have a friend getting married in October and she would love this! Definitely going to remember it. Thanks!

LeAnn said...

Cute idea! New follower from Follow Friday. If you get a chance, please visit The Squeaky Grocery Cart.

Marice said...

following u from FmF! Feel free to visit me here:
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Heather said...

Cute idea!
Nice to meet you.

Andrea said...

Adorable!! New follower!

Unknown said...

Wonderful idea - kudos to you!

stash mama said...

I am now a follower and I would love a follow back!
Thank you so much :)

NoDebtMomma said...

That's cute! I see those every once in awhile at garage sales - and their $4 at Walmart now!

Have a great weekend!

Mom. Undecided.

pia said...

Why didn't I think of this? This is such a great idea and it just goes to show how you can make anything extraordinary by being creative and having fun!! Thank you so much for sharing this!!

Pia f. Walker

The Halton Mom said...

I found your blog through a Friday Follow Blog Hop! I would love it if you came by and followed me also!

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