Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Strawberry Pickin'

Can someone please tell me why I have never done this before???

We went to a A & P Farms (Strawberry Farm) last week and wow! What a yummy fun time we had!!!

Chanda, Jennifer, and I took the kiddos (we were rebels...we checked them out of school EARLY!!!) and off we went!
(Chanda and the kiddos)

There were just rows and rows of them, red and ready to be picked!!! And, even sample a few while you pick....that's their policy!

They had fun...finding the little ones, and the rotten ones, and the ones that "something" had already had a sample of...and the big-fat-juicy-take-me-home ones!

So, we left there with 5 gallons of strawberries, I wish I had snapped a shot of that!!! And it only took us just a few minutes to pick that many! Yum!

Don't worry....this will NOT be our last visit!


Tenny Kusuma said...

Well, to be honest I've never done that before either. I always want to go. Thanks for sharing the fun, I'll take the kids to strawberry picking this year. Anyway, your last picture is beautiful. I always wonder how you do that.

Tenny @ Simply A Mom

Jenn said...

Love the strawberry shot! Too cute... A sweet little hand filled with a BIG ol' strawberry! Love it. Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend! :)

Liz said...

I cannot wait until June, when it is strawberry pickin" time here in PA! OI am visiting your blog for the very first time from Trendy Treehouse! And I love it! I think you are my long lost friend! Nice to meet you.

Shell said...

My boys have a field trip to go pick strawberries next week. They are so excited. Me, too!

Following you from FMF!

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