Thursday, June 24, 2010

iGo review---you gotta have this!

Any iPhone users out there?!

Any iPhone users out there totally frustrated with the weak battery life?!

Look no longer! This is the answer to your problems!!!

Introducing: The iGo

I bought mine here...with my points from Swagbucks! Totally FREE!!!

I was turned on to this when Jenny used it while we were in LA on our Bertolli trip...and this thing is amazing!

It is a little portable battery pack! Ahh, be still my heart!

So, plug it in, and keep it charged, and throw it in your car, or purse, or laptop bag, whatever!!

And, never hate your iPhone battery again :)

**And, for the record, this was my own opinion! I bought it, I loved it, I reviewed it!

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