Sunday, August 15, 2010

Facebook, thick skin, and all that jazz!

So, I've been just doing a lot of "soul searching" lately.

A lot over the past few months, and then even more so, for the last 2 weeks. I think God is trying to teach me something...and I think...maybe...just maybe I am getting it. Or atleast a little piece of it.

I am an emotionally driven person. Sometimes that's GREAT, sometimes, well, not-so-great! I wear my heart on my sleeve (no, not the Bachelor Kasey, kind of wea-my-heart-on-my-sleeve!). I too many times put my emotions right out there for the world.

When I am up. I am up.

When I am hurt. Everyone knows it.

And, I have been told a few times that I need "thicker skin".

And, to be quite honest, I have beat myself up about it. I have WISHED I had thicker skin. Wished I had a harder heart.

But, God has really convicted me of this lately.

He made me just like I am for a reason. Take it or leave it. That sounds harsh. I know.

But, I am tired of beating myself up about it, when, honestly, it is NOT a bad thing.


Yes, I get hurt easily. But, I love easily too.
Yes, I show my emotions. But, atleast you know what's up. No reading between the lines.
Yes, my heart is out there. But, that means I can get closer to you a lot easier. You don't always have to work through that THICK SKINNED layer.
Yes, my skin is thin. But that means it is almost transparent, and that's what God wants. For us to be open. Open to love others. Open to hurt for others. Open to weep with others. Open to rejoice with others.

That's what He calls us to do.

So, maybe I, just maybe my thin skin is a result of God chipping away at those layers.

Hard heart layers.
Hurtful friendship layers.
Hurful relationship layers.
Rebellious teenager layers (yes, mom, believe me, I know how terrible I was!)
All of those layers that sometimes still hurt....well, God has restored those areas, mended those parts of my heart, and used those scars to be blessings to others, and a testimony of what His grace has done for me.


So, what's facebook got to do with all of this?!

Yes I know facebook is a time sucker.
Yes, I know it can be bad, if you let it be.

But, this week, through a very tough week in my personal life, I have been touched, loved, ministered to, prayed for, cried with, loved on, hoped for.......all through facebook!

Crazy! I know.

But, I have had HUNDREDS, yes HUNDREDS of emails, messages, wall posts, song lyrics, stories, and more. From "friends". Not just a number on the left side of my profile, but true FRIENDS. People that love me. People that God has placed in my life. Family. Family that loves me, and loves on me, when I am down and need it most.

So, I am ever so thankful.

Thankful today for Thin Skin and Facebook.

And for all of the people in my life that have shown that they love me the most!


Lisa said...

B - it's so funny you say this now because it's something I've been thinking about a lot lately, too. There are people around me that feel like they can say whatever they want and don't care about the outcome. They don't care if it hurts someone. One has even said 'don't ask me for my opinion if you don't want it' and yes, that can be true to an extent. BUT, what's wrong with caring about how people feel or caring about how someone reacts to what you say. Sure, I've said things that were hurtful because I didn't think first. But I immediately regretted it. I cared. I felt bad. These other people don't. It's just that 'oh well' attitude. I don't think it's okay to be that way. It's not okay to say things, realize they hurt someone and still not care.

I'd rather wear my heart on my sleeve, than wear an ugly attitude on my heart!! I'm glad you are the way you are - thankful that God made you that way!

Unknown said...

I like that you have embraced your THIN SKIN....maybe I should do the same!! never quite thought of it that way, but a great message!! I love you B~ even when we are being the good, bad and ugly.....After all, isn't that what a true friendship is all about!

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