Monday, August 30, 2010

16 mile run!!!!

I can't believe it! We are less than 9 weeks away from the Marine Corps Marathon! I am so excited about this run, I can hardly stand it.

This marathon training is actually coming along a little easier than the first one, I really think it is because I know what to expect.....and I know just how grueling the training can be! So, each time...I really psyche myself up for the long run.

Today was NO exception.

16 miles. I did it! Yay!

It was hard. It was mentally exhausting. It was raining. That was helpful. It was breezy. Thank you, Jesus!

But, needless to say, I was SOAKED.......and I would LOVE to blame it on the rain, but mostly, it was just gross, salty sweat, kind of soaked!

So, I came in, threw my clothes in the washer with this ProWash detergent! It was the perfect day to try it out!

They came out like a DREAM! I think I have found a new best friend!

Now, I wonder if they make something that can take me 10 miles further :)

1 comment:

The Kloeppings said...

your hardcore:) I only sign up for the half way i could go 26 miles...13.1 is hard enough:)

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