Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Swagbucks 101

So, those that know me quite well, and especially my facebook friends, know that I am a HUGE advocate of Swagbucks.


Because Swagbucks is SO CRAZY EASY, and I have earned a TON of free gift cards, just for doing something I was already doing. Searching the internet!!!

So, that brings me to this post.

Swagbucks 101
1. Don't over-analyze it. Don't think about it, and try to "figure it out". You earn random swagbucks, every time you search the web. Period. The end. Easy peasy.

*Now, that being said, there are OTHER ways to earn:
a)take their surveys
b) buy things
c) shop online
d)blah blah blah

*I don't do any of that.

2. The best way to start earning, is to download the Tool Bar. Go to the Swagbucks home page, and do it NOW. Don't read any further (well, you can, but I don't recommend it!)
3. Now, here's the best tip (in my very silly opinion). Every time (and I mean EVERY.SINGLE.TIME) you are going to go to a webpage....use your Swagbucks Tool Bar. Here's how: If you are going to CSN, for example. Don't type in, No, No, my friend. You need to put CSN stores in your Swagbucks Tool Bar! And, then, click on from the Swagbucks search results. Yes, I know, what you are thinking. (ask me how I know...because I thought it too) "man, that is too much trouble". Girl, please! No it's not. It's one more click. And you know you are "mouse-click impatient" anyways, so it gives you something to do :)

4. Again, I repeat, the best way is to use your Swagbucks Tool Bar like it is your address bar. You will earn FAST!

5. If you can remember, take the Daily Poll. On the Swagbucks home page, you can click on "Ways to Earn" and then scroll down to Daily Poll. Every day they have a quick poll (it takes about half a second). And you earn one point. I have earned more....but only like once or twice. **Now, I try to remember to do it, but I don't always** They way I try to remember, is when I earn my first points for the day, even if it is noon....I try to let that job my memory to go take the poll.

6. Invite your friends. I mean, come on, share the love, they wanna earn free Swag too, ya know :)
**And, just as a bonus, when they earn, so do you! For every friend you invite (they MUST use your invite link), when they earn, you earn (up to their first 1,000) points.

Ok, enough for now! So, have you signed up? If not, use my link :)

And, start swagging!

And, if you are already a swagger, I would LOVE to hear in the comments, what you have earned for FREE from Swagbucks!

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