Thursday, September 30, 2010

Personalized Pumpkins

I saw something similar to this last year, I think in Better Homes and Gardens (I am really not sure)...but it was way too close to, I thought I'd wait until this year came around!

And, whadda ya did!

So, I went to Michael's and bought this pretty Antique White pumpkin (styrofoam or something like that!).....of course, for 40% off.

I gathered my supplies. I chose to use black paint (you could easily do this if you have a big ole die cutting machine..but I don' paint it is!)

I first printed the letter that I wanted.....I actually printed it at a 700 font. Then, cut it out.

I placed it on my pumpkin, and used some removable adhesive in just a few spots, to keep it steady.

Then, I traced it with a sharpie. Yes, I am very high-tech!

Yes, those are my toes, I am painting...sitting on the floor...and taking pics at the same time...forgive me :)

After tracing it, I filled it in with black paint. Two coats, please!

Almost done!

Then, I covered my painted area generously with Martha Stewart Craft Glue. I love this stuff, because it is so thick and creamy, but dries perfectly clear!

I sprinkled it with the Crystals! I almost did glitter, but I wanted it to kind of have a "matte-bling" look to it!

And, then....I set it up...amongst those plain-jane-orange ones! I love it!

Welcome Fall!!!

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