Friday, October 1, 2010

Blog for your Boobies!

Well, that got your attention, huh!

I have teamed up with the Army of Women today. October 1st.

A nationwide blitz, to bring awareness to breast cancer research.

Will you join the Army of Women? Sign up today. It's free. It won't cost a thing. Well, maybe a second. But, isn't it worth it...if you could save someone's life...just by being informed!

Do it.

Join this awesome group, Army of Women (and can join, too!)

The Love/Avon Army of Women (AOW) is a unique program of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit breast cancer research organization. The program is funded through a grant from the Avon Foundation for Women. The AOW provides an opportunity for men and women to take part in breast cancer research studies aimed at determining the causes of breast cancer – and how to prevent it. The AOW is a groundbreaking initiative that connects breast cancer researchers via the internet with women who are willing to participate in a wide variety of research studies. The goal of the Army of Women is to recruit ONE MILLION MEN AND WOMEN of all ages and ethnicities, including breast cancer survivors and those who have never had breast cancer.


Alessandra said...

Hi!! Your blog is wonderful! I am your newest follower! I invite you to follow my blog as well!

bonggamom said...

So nice to meet a fellow 3-Day walker :) Hope to see you at Big Sur in November!

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