Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cisco Valet Router Review

Ok, I know that I am a "gadget" kind-of girl, so when new stuff comes out, I like to try it ASAP or atleast know someone who, I love to read reviews!

I thought I'd give my review of this awesome new router. The Cisco Valet Wireless Router.

The Valet lets families easily set up a wireless learning environment in their homes. Valet features a 3-step set up (compared to over 20 for routers of the past and the inevitable call to the tech guy!). And even better, Valet makes setting and managing parental controls to wireless devices simple and flexible.

The setup on this thing was a breeze! It was just a simple plug in, add it to your computer, and go! You can also customize this to have "channels" some with filters, etc! I LOVE this thing!

And, I checked it out, for the price of $79, it is comparable to all of the other routers, and, a MUCH easier product to install, and for visitors to use!

So, if you are in the market for a router, I highly recommend the Cisco Valet. You will NOT be disappointed!

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