Monday, October 11, 2010

Disney Travel Agent - Birmingham Area

Ok, so this might be one of my FAVORITE pictures I've posted on here!

Well, not really, know!

I am so excited that I can attach THIS logo to every single email!

I am so excited that I have business cards with THIS on them!

I am so excited that I am an Authorized Disney Travel Planner!!!

I can help you with your Walt Disney World Vacation Packages!

My, oh, my, why have I not done this years ago!

Well, if you will notice over to the left
<---------------------------------------------- I have added some new buttons, one of them is Main Street Memories!

Will you click it? Will you be my "friend" on facebook?! Some fun interaction on there, but also, a place where we will be posting our Disney Specials, Giveaways, etc

And, if you know of anyone planning a Disney Vacation, let me know! I'd love to help them have a Magical Time!

1 comment:

Kim's Treasures said...

That's cool! We're Disney Vacation Club Memebers and we leave for Disney World in 46 days! Can't wait! Good luck with your business!

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