Monday, October 25, 2010

Christmas Cards already?!

Shop the most wonderful cards of the year

Yes, I am in the mood! Already thinking of what my Christmas Cards are gonna be!

I have said it time and again, but.....yes, you know, one more time can't hurt!

One of my very favorite parts about Christmas is all of the Photo Cards. I love every single day checking the mail.

Waiting for new ones to arrive. Looking at beautiful families, creative card makers, and fabulous photos. Oh, how I love getting them in the mail.

So, I always want mine to be special. A personal touch.

For the past few years, I have turned to Shutterfly to help with that! I would LOVE to handmake every single one, but honestly, I just love toooooo many people to do that! I have to make them "by hand" on Shutterfly :)

Here's a link to some I am loving right now!

Can you imagine how cute my family would be in this one!

Oh, and then I was thinking, I could wait and do some fun New Years Cards!

I mean, is this the cutest card EVER!!!

Well, and then, I was checking out the Christmas Thank You cards! Do any of you do this?! I am wondering if I am terrible because we have never done this! What are your thoughts?

So, while I was checking all of this out, and thinking about which one I want, I noticed this little treasure, and I thought I'd pass along the savings, to you!!!

Early Bird gets the worm....or atleast the really cute photos!
Shutterfly is offering 20% off all holiday cards!!! Get started NOW, so you don't have to worry about them, um, say....December 23rd and you are paying like a gazillion bucks extra for shipping! Order today!

Ok, ok, enough for now. I need to quit playing and really be productive! I mean, after all...what would people say if I actually got my cards done in November :)

*Disclaimer: I am participating in Shutterfly's Holiday Card promotion. I was offered free Shutterfly cards for my post, but as always, the opinions are my own....and for the record, I love Shutterfly...every day of the year*


lucysinspired said...

wow, they are very, very cute....almost tempting enough not to make them this year!! i think i will check them out right now!!

Karen Seal said...

Shutterfly is awesome! I love their cards! :0) I ordered from them last year, too!

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