Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Nate Berkus Show

Oh what a wonderful experience. advance...but this is a photo HEAVY post!

Our adventure started bright and early Thursday morning, as our driver picked us up from the Flatotel. A nice, posh hotel, right in the heart of Midtown.

As soon as we arrived, I had an "out of my mind" experience. I noticed the audience line. Yes, a line I have been in several times for other shows, and so I knew exactly what it was.

A line. Waiting. Waiting for the show that I was about to be on! Are you serious! So, of course I took a picture.

They quickly took us inside, and down the halls of the CBS Studio. Oh my. It was crazy being inside....a part of it all!

We were taken to our Green Room (oh my! A Green room! I have only DREAMED of having a Green Room!!!)
Yes, I name is spelled wrong...but it was totally ok :)

And then quickly to hair and makeup. Now, I had already "done" my hair, but she was quick to start working her magic....making me presentable! (maybe hoping to get some Alabama OUT of me and some NYC into me!)

Yes, that's right...even the hubby got some makeup too! Lookin' fine, I tell ya! Lookin' fine!

Yes, someone pinch me! It just keeps getting better!

Then, off to a quick "run thru" Nate just yet....but they just wanted to get us familiar with the site and the lights!

She said that a lot of times, people get awestruck by the lights, so they like to do a "run thru" before the show goes live! Yay!!!!!

I was loving the set!

The producers were just buzzing around everywhere!!! It was so great. So so great!
Then, back to the Green Room to go over all of the details.

Now, this was a process. We went over lots of "if he says this, or when he says that" was so interesting to see how it all happens!

This was our little cutie-patootie producer! I could just put her in my pocket! I love her so!

And, then, of course, during the break...Scott and I had some fun, posing with Nate!'s show time! No cameras allowed :(

But, we were taken to the set again, and were watching everything go on from backstage. It was all just an out-of-body experience.

Then, Nate's wardrobe manager came by and "adjusted" my bow...and he said "you like like a million bucks.....great outfit choice!" (thanks, Lucy!).....I was stoked.

And, as we are standing walks Nate! What! There he is! What!

Scott was LOVING all of this! He was just laughing at ME....

Anyways, the show happened, it was GREAT, we had TONS of fun.....and then....

sadly, it was over!

We said our good-byes, gave hugs and love...and we were on our way!

Us with Kelly, our life and style expert!

Me and my two fave producers...and my new New York City BFF's! I'll miss you girls so much (please keep in mind, I talked to these 2 gals....about 20 times a day (no exaggeration!) for about 5 days prior to our arrival!)

Scott with the girls! He loved them!

And, then outside the studio! What a fun day!

And, yes, now we are off......on our explore some more of what NYC has to offer!

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