Friday, October 22, 2010

On purpose

Football Season 2010.

Tonight is Mason's last game (actually, the team has one more game, but we will be out of town).

It's kind of sad.

Every week, atleast 2 times a week, my Facebook status has been "Here we go, Panthers".

It seems silly. I know. But, him playing JV and Varsity has been kind of fun this year. A little bit of play time on Varsity and a lot on JV, makes for a FULL Season.

$5, or $6, or even $7 (they were proud of their stadium) EACH person...EACH some of these...YUM! Fried Oreos.....makes for a LOT of $$$$$$$$ spent...just on games alone.


Tshirts. GROSS. Because he has RUINED all of his other ones under his uniform. Double Gross.

Food to run grab a bite before the game.

Lots of $$$.

Lots of time. Pick up from practice. Take to practice. Sunday. Watch film. Drive to the away games. Pick up from the Field House....very late at night.

Cold. Lots of hot chocolate on a few nights.

Yes, typical. Football Season!!!

AND I LOVE EVERY SECOND. Every. Single. Second.

I have missed a few fun getaways, and I have missed doing a few things I wanted to do...and heck...I have just missed being home in my "soft clothes"...but instead..on the hard cold bleachers.

And, I would not trade it for the world.

Hanging out with friends. Making some new ones. Cheering them on. Hoping that Panther on the field is not hurt....just down for a play or two. Concession stand food. Fun rides home from the game with the hubby and the more social child :)

And, please, you know I crazy Love this PCHS MOM shirt!!!

So, so much, I am thankful football 2010 comes to a close.

I am thankful I chose not to go on the girlfriend trip.
I am thankful I rearranged my schedule more than once to be home when he got home from practice.
I am thankful I was here to put a few bandaids on.
I am thankful for the nasty, gross, laundry.

I did it all on purpose. And, I am glad I did.

I am proud of you #62! (and, for the record, I know that you looked up in the stands every game to make sure I was there, even though you did not want your friends to know)...xoxo

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Presley family said...

So sweet. I love this post.

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