Thursday, September 9, 2010

New York CIty?!?!

Well, at this very second, I can't go into all of the FUN details of exactly *why* we went to New York City....but, I *can* tell you that it was because of a TV Show, and I was the most excited girl in the world when they invited us to come!!! Ok, before I get into trouble....Enough said!

We arrived at LaGuardia (which by the way, has been a silly dream of mine...always wanted to fly in/out of LaGuardia!) And, to my silly surprise, they picked us up WITH A SIGN!!!!! It was crazy when they picked me up for the Bertoli trip, and still so crazy to see them with a sign for Scott this time (yeah, the legal first name...David!)

Then, onto our hotel, and he took us "the long way" so that we could see some neat things in the city. Here's a shot of the Plaza....rainy view from the window!

It was a little sad, that when we arrived, it was a rainy dreary day in NYC, but, that was NOT going to stop us!

We got to the Flatotel, a very nice hotel in the heart of NYC......and Scott said down on the bed to take it all in, and I just love this shot!

We quickly grabbed my camera, and out the door we see the city!!

I love this shot of Times Square and I was NOT AT ALL disappointed when this girl threw her umbrella right in my picture! What a colorful fun umbrella! Just another sign of the fun mix of people right here in the middle of this city!

more fun details to another post :)

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