Monday, September 27, 2010

Excited about...and for...the Gulf Coast!

I love the Gulf Coast.

I mean, I love the sandy beaches.

I love the fact that you can start in Gulf Shores, and ride for over two hours on the straight road, and go all the way to Panama City....all along the water! I love that.

I love the seafood. Oh, how I love the seafood.

I love that when we go, we go out to eat with sunburned faces, and tired, salty eyes, and the seafood is so good, I am just stuffed when I leave there! And, I don't ever get dessert.

I love blogging about it. I read about this traveling contest over at Traveling Mamas, so this post is part of the Tripapalooza Contest.

I love eating ice cream at a little ice cream dive on the beach, like Scoops!

I love outlet shopping at the beach!

I love going with friends.

I love a quick day trip.

I love the beach! Can you tell!!!

So excited that some friends of ours are getting married at the beach in a few weeks, and we get to jaunt down there, and be a part of it!

How wonderful!

Toes in the sand, with vows being said!

GLoriOus! I can't wait!!!!

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