Sunday, December 8, 2013

Can you look them in the eye?

I was in the waiting room of our Orthodontist's office Friday morning, and I watched a teenager frantically typing on her phone.

Her fingers were pressing so hard, and so quickly, I thought she might crack the phone in half.

Her mom was glancing over her shoulder.....NOT so inconspicuously.

And just as the frustrated media maven was slowing her roll, the mom grabbed her fingers, as if to catch her quick attention.

She said to her "Be careful before you post that. One day, you just might have to look her in the eye!"

The girl stopped.
Phone in the lap.

Silence for a minute.

I just wanted to reach over and give that mom a high five.


In an effort to live life to the fullest, I will admit, I am a Social Media junkie.

I love facebook for all of it's wonderful qualities.

I love connecting with my crazies on twitter, and I love the constant family photo album, and throwback thursdays that instagram can provide.


And I say it with almost a shout in my voice---

None of it is meant to be a blanket you can hide under, when you feel the urge to slam someone, and their character---in an open, public forum, as if you will never have to face them in public.

2013 wins the award, for being the year of Social Media mud-slinging.

And yet, it happened again.

The happenings of this weekend, with the Alabama (oh wait! We lost! We weren't even playing! And I am still a fan of MY team...and I don't give a flip-flop about the other teams!!!) SEC Championship game.

I was going to the game, regardless of who was playing, and so I knew going into it...I would be an Alabama fan, if we were on the field or not.
After all....they do receive hefty chunk of our family budget.

If you *know* me, you know I am always here to have a good time, or I won't be here at all.

I don't do rude (or atleast not intentionally).

I don't do mean-spirited.

I will have fun with it. Or I won't have it at all.
I am sorry that other people can't have a light-heart and spirit about things.
And I am sorry that people take a ball-game so seriously that they are totally ok with losing friendships over it.
That's a shame.

I was on a date / work weekend with my hubby and tons of friends...yet, the words rude, tacky, and no-class were tossed around in my honor.

And the problem with that, yeah, the visual image of those negative things you say....they never go away.

So, in conclusion, take a mom's careful---ADULT---
"Be careful before you post that. One day, you just might have to look her in the eye!"

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