Saturday, December 7, 2013

Rock 'n' Roll Tour Pass

Here's a fun update, I would totally love to take a "Rock 'n' Roll Tour" this year!

Check this out:

Umm…What is TourPass?
Hello! So much fun! Buy the pass, run the races, and achieve Rock Idol status!
Over the whole of 2013, TourPass holders crossed the finish lines of Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series events just shy of 11,000 times. And nearly 80 runners, many of them TourPass holders, completed the amazing feat of running two of our events in a single day.
Now, a few changes...
TourPass Global is $449 with initial processing fee of $7.99.  Global includes all North America RnR Events as well as:
Nice, France
Madrid, Spain
Liverpool, England
Oslo, Norway
Edinburgh, Scotland
Dublin, Ireland
Lisbon, Portugal

Price changes to existing TourPass Unlimited and TourPass 3-pack:
TourPass Unlimited is $399, with initial processing fee of 7.99.   Includes all North American RnR Events. NO per-race processing fees.
TourPass 3-Pack  is $199, with initial processing fee of 7.99. NO per-race processing fees.

 I think this just sounds like a blast!
Anyone wanna go ON TOUR with me :)

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