Sunday, December 15, 2013

Celebrating 14 years of Chapman

14 years ago sweet little Chapman made our family complete.

I knew after we lost Elijah, that my heart couldn't take much more.

Through a very tender, sick, volatile, fragile pregnancy, many times, I prayed to God...if *you* think we are finished...then we can be finished...but please let this little guy make it!

And He did.
And this cute little personality-filled kid was a fighter, and wow! I'm glad he was!

Someone was telling me this morning at church "wow...he is just SO much like Scott"
and it hit me.

It all came rushing back.

The sweetest memory.

His Aunt Kendall used to talk to my belly, while I was on bedrest..and she would say "I hope you grow up to be as great as my little brother!"

She adored her little brother so much.

And just today, (I am not sure why I have blocked that memory from my mind!) but it all came back to me.

And 14 years later, I think she is on her way to getting her wish!

And I know she's still just as proud!

So....Chappy Birthday!!!
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