Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Meaningful Beauty testing!


So, I was chosen by Influenster to test the new Meaningful Beauty.

First off, let me start with this.

I have awful skin!

I am so very self conscience about it.

And so anytime I can try something new...I try it. After all, what can it hurt!

I must say...I love how this stuff feels on my face. I apply it first thing in the morning, after washing my face, and it feels so clean! And smooth.

Alot of reviews I read, said that they like it in the evening, but I truly love it in the morning. So, to each her own :)

Anyways, I won't yet do a before/after post...because I am only about a week or so in....but I do LOVE how it makes my face look.

And that says A LOT from me!

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