Monday, May 21, 2012

Did we seriously pray for this?!

Remember in this post...when we prayed...and prayed...and prayed Mrs Smith right out of this house.

And one of my prayers (because I already KNEW that God wanted us to have this house) was that we would make this our home. And we would serve Him in it. And that we would open it up, and fill it with love.

Yes. Indeed.

As I watched all of these football players fill my driveway, and my living room, and my kitchen. I almost physically felt God tap me on the shoulder and say "good job, girl".

Now...I'm not patting myself on the back, per se.....and we don't live like angels. But, for once, maybe we did something right.
 It's funny how as your kids grow. Your perspective changes. And how you view other kids differently.

 These are NOT the kids that when Mason was little, that I just *knew* he would be friends with forever. Because of their parents, or what I thought would be his "group" of friends. I am so very happy that God had a better plan in mind.
Because these ARE the kids that I am thankful Mason hangs with...good kids. Great kids. Sweet, kind, warm polite kids.
Yes, they are kids...and yes, they can "act a fool" with the best of them. But this bunch. I love them to bits!
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