Saturday, May 12, 2012

I love a spirit filled teenager...

I am pretty lucky. To be honest.
When Scott and I started dating, he was working with our youth group at church. Honestly, they were our first set of "married friends"....

And, we worked together in Youth Ministry for years...and then just about the time Mason began his pre-teen years, God moved us from that ministry.

But, it seems like forever, we have been surrounded by teenagers.

Some good..well, some can be thugs, sure. But can't we all.

Anyways, I am lucky enough to be surrounded by some pretty awesome ones.

And the other day, my sweet friend Kayla, who, by the way, is a grownup, trapped in her little youthful body... ;)
shared this pic on Instagram.

What a powerful scripture. Philippians 1:11

Oh, if my actions can just be righteous enough to make God proud.

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