Thursday, May 24, 2012

The summer of lasts....starts right now!

As we watched the graduates of 2012 walk the field tonite, I was so proud of them. And the people that they don't even know that they are yet.

I also was watching, and soaking it all in......knowing that in LESS than 365 days, my big guy will be walking that same field.

Wrapping it all up. In one nice, and tidy package...with a tassel.

So, let's start RIGHT NOW.

One thing I do know for sure, is this: we have a year of so many emotions and moments ahead of us.
So many firsts. So many lasts. So many ONLYs.
Because we don't know what next summer holds, with potential colleges, welcome events, jobs, summer programs, etc

We plan to start right now. Making the most of every single second.

We plan to vacation like never before. We plan to spend lots of time "playing" and enjoying these days, and quite honestly, just spending as much "the 4 of us" time as we can.

Yes, there is lots of work to be done, and lots of things to take care of, but we also want to make the very most of these days as we can.

So, Sweet are welcome here!!!
Let's do this!

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