Friday, February 4, 2011

12 years....He turned my sorrow into dancing!

12 years ago today...I had no idea...that tomorrow, February 5th of every.single.year, would be the day....that I grieve...yet I celebrate...all at the same time.

Elijah Cole Smith.

I watched this video of Angie and Todd Smith, and she put so perfectly into words those feelings. Thankful to the Lord for our grief. Although it's not easy, it's part of His beautiful plan.

But, Lord, may I never forget that feeling of brokenness and dependence on You.

If you feel so compelled, watch this video, of just the awesomeness of God in what could've been so tragic, yet they allowed Him to use it for His glory.

**And, Happy Birthday, sweet Elijah :)


savinglesmore said...

Oh Britney! God just shines through you and your precious family. I just started reading your blog last summer and had no idea about all the "history". Just know that I am praying for you often.

I have a friend who also blogs that has experienced the same loss. She is now the coordinator for the Footprints Ministry at St. Vincents - Bham. Her blog is Averytales.

You WILL be lifted in prayer tomorrow!

Kelly said...

Brittney- I remember reading your blog last year at this time and thinking I know what you are going through. It's been 8 years for me when I lost my first child. I was 11 weeks along when I got the devastating news that my baby had passed 2 weeks earlier and I never had any idea that there were any problems. It's a blessing to have them for as little a time that we are allowed, but the pain is always so real.

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