Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Do NOT leave unattended!

The Diet Coke and Mentos Project

This is what happens when Mom goes out of town, and leaves three guys at home with way too much time on their hands!!

Well, really....the truth is...they had to get Chap's Science Fair project finished. And, he had already done all of the "paper work"...the research, the letters for his board, he had it all ready and in place.

They started the "testing" at 6am.....

But, the actual "experiment" still had to take place.

So, I left them with 3 Diet Cokes, and somehow, they ended up with 7 Diet Cokes, that they set all over the yard to explode!

Crazy. Crazy. I can only imagine how it all unfolded.

But, they had a blast, and memories were certainly made!

And, here was a little bit of the end results!

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