Saturday, February 19, 2011

Who will pray for Updyke?

So, I set out on a 6 mile run...and was so burdened by God......that I picked up the pace, and after four miles, turned it around, and headed post this.

I have never heard the audible voice of God, but He convicted me so hard in my spirit....I think I did today.
"Who of your "friends" will pray for Updyke?"

You see, it all started........Wednesday night. My sister and I went pay a visit to a family member in the hospital. IN AUBURN. Boo :)

So, on the way out, we decided to zip over to the check-in on leave a note for one of our dear friends (coughcoughLeighMarshcoughcough).

Anyways, when we "checked in" Auburn friend on facebook, made a crack about us being sad about the trees.

*Note: we had no idea about the trees.

So, we checked our Facebook feed, and saw a post about the poison. We made a crack on FourSquare...and off to see the trees...we went!

No, here's where the conviction comes in.

Since Wednesday night......

I have been deleted by 20+ friends on Facebook. (too sad, their loss!)

I have seen my "friends" post some of the following:
-Auburn fan posts: I hope he accidentally swallowed some of the poisoning
-Auburn fan posts: I hope he rots in hell. Along with all of you Bama fans for laughing.
-Alabama fan posts: Serves them right, they've been defacing Bear's grave for years.
-Alabama fan posts: The Barners deserve everything they get.
-Auburn fan posts: I hope they hang him from that tree.
-Auburn fan posts: New name for ALL BAMA FANS: Updykes.

*********Now, here's the part that just really gets me.

This man has a soul. This man is going to face eternity.

You honestly, honestly, hope that this man goes to hell? Did you seriously just say that?

You honestly, would trade a man's life, for the "life" of a tree? You would rather save a tree...and hang a man?
People? People?

Then we wonder why our children act like idiots?

It's because they just heard you tell your friend that you hope a man rots in hell.

That is why!


So, my challenge. To you, Alabama Fan. And to you, Auburn fan.

Quit hating on him.

He made a bad call.

He did a bad thing.

It was wrong. Yes.

But, pray for him. Pray for his eternity. Pray that God would send someone to minister to him. Or better yet......let it be you, Lee County resident. Go visit Updyke. I dare you. And show him the love of Jesus.


And, even more than that.......get your flippin' priorities straight.

I do NOT even want to look up abortion statistics because I might throw up.
We kill THOUSANDS of babies every day.

Do you pray for them? Do you donate to them?

We let murderers go free? EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

I know a teenager that was molested.......and his molester served 6 months. 6 months.


Are we going to send this guy to jail for 9 years, and pay taxes on him.....and be on CNN and FOX and every other news stations about trees......yet we will let a child molester or murderer walk our streets.....and even more.....we will blame it on his parents?

So, I ask you know......if there is anyone still reading?
Who will pray for Updyke?

Quit gripping and hating.....and pray for this man. And his son. And his family. And the Auburn fans, and the Alabama fans. And pray that our nation will get it's act together......

Oh, and by the way, I am praying for Updyke!

And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’ Matthew 25:40


wlrdew said...

Already did--just yesterday. :)

Lisa said...

WOW!!! I have tried to stay away from even reading any comments for fear it would make me mad. I have my thoughts, but no matter what - even if the shoes were on the other feet - it's not our right to judge, or condemn or wish the worst on someone based on their actions. It's just not our job!!!

Priorities are so out of whack in the world right now (we all have issues in that department at one time or another!).

I canNOT believe someone would unfriend you over this - that's messed up and YES it's their loss!!!

Gretchen said...

well said

Linh C. said...

It's just sad that people are so hung up on unimportant stuff when there are more deserving things in this world to be passionate about. I feel bad for the dude's family.

Gretta said...

I love this and I actually linked your post in my blog post about this.

Katie Burnett said...

Very well said B. Excellent point.

Katie Burnett said...

very well said b. excellent post

Michelle Whitlow said...

AMEN!!!! I've been saying that all along - yes he did something wrong but let's all get our priorities in check people.

Karen Seal said...

I didn't hear about what happened but I completely and 100% agree with what you said!

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