Thursday, February 24, 2011

A little more junk

So, in my quest to get some Spring Cleaning done......I am feeling like tackling that room, and maybe changing somethings up a bit.

I have been looking at Home Office Desks and trying to decide if I *neeeeeeed* one, or if I can re-purpose something around here.
OSP Designs - CC25 - Country Cottage 48" W Computer Desk

The problem is...when I look on their website, they have so many cool, pretty, fabulous looking ones....and well, I just can't decide.
Maybe I need to think on it...and dream about these:Linon - 86105C147-01-KD-U - Anna Desk in White

1 comment:

Kelly said...

My opinion is that they are beautiful, but where are you going to put anything? I hate my desk that I have at home. There are no drawers to it. I did not pick it out, it was a gift. But now I have containers around it when I would have loved built in drawers.

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