Sunday, February 6, 2011

Walt Disney World - Goofy Challenge

39.3 Miles. 2 Days. 1 Sister. Cute Socks. Fabulous!

Honestly, I would love to do a long blog post about this race...and I will, at some point. However, for now, I will tell you, if you are even *thinking* about doing it....go for it!

Grab a friend, go register, and do it. It was one of the most funnest, rewarding races ever!

Was it hard...not as hard as I expected.

Were there times when I wanted to quit. Yes, stupid mile 19. Stupid 19. Stupid hairpin turn. Stupid bridge. Yes.

Then, what happened......

I said outloud "uh...this is crazy. my legs are giving out. what am I gonna do?" and my sister, the most loving, sympathetic person in the world (just kidding...that is crap!).....she looked at me..and said "'re gonna run".....and run we did!

But was it ridiculous fun! Yes!




ChEARing all of the way.

The Castle.

The Tree of Life.

The Sorcerer's Hat.

The EPCOT ball...yes, we saw it all!!!

Would I do it, well...........of course I would! But, ONLY with a friend....that wants to have fun!


Karen Seal said...

I agree's so much better with a friend! :0) CONGRATS on your Goofy medal! How CUTE is that picture?! Love it!!! :0)

Kim's Treasures said...

We were there then! Congrats! I saw a bunch of people who did the Goofy Challenge!

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