Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Let the Spring Cleaning begin!

This place is a wreck! A nice, warm cozy wreck...might I add...but still a wreck!

I think all of the winter cold has kept us in...and under the covers! And now that the sun is out, we are starting to clean it all up!

I think the first plan of action, is to tackle my Craft Studio! And, now, it has been turned into a little bit of an office for Main Street Memories, my Disney Travel business!

So, I am looking for a shredder, and am loving the features of this one. The Fellowes P-12C paper shredder

To ensure high-security against identity thieves, the P-12C features Cross-Cut technology, which destroys a single sheet of paper into nearly 399 particles.

* The P-12C also includes Fellowes’ patented SafeSense technology, which disables the shredder when it senses hands or large pets come too close to the paper opening.

**Not quite sure...still trying to make up my mind!

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